Bar S Services, Oil & Gas Service Provider, Fails to Pay It’s Workers Proper OT

Bar S Services Inc. (“Bar-S”), a leading full-service provider to commercial/industrial oil and gas companies, has just been sued for failure to pay proper wages. Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP, alongside Bruckner Burch PLLC, recently filed a class action lawsuit against the company for unpaid overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). Affected employees include load operators, truck operators and other similarly situated laborers (collectively “Non-Exempt Laborers”), who work or have worked for Bar-S Services Inc. throughout the United States.

Non-Exempt Laborers for Bar-S regularly work over 40 hours per week up to approximately 90 hours ...

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Amazon To Pay $61.7M to Drivers Over Claims of Stolen Tips

Amazon was recently accused of significantly shorting its essential workers on tips and has now agreed to settle these claims for over $60 million. The Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”), a federal agency with a dual mission to protect consumers and promote competition in our dynamic economy, filed a complaint against the online retailer in late 2019 after numerous complaints from workers. The complaint alleged Amazon had several policies in place dating back to 2015 that misled workers in the Amazon Flex, AmazonFresh, and Prime Now programs into believing they would be receiving a significantly higher minimum wage as well as ...

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Kohl’s To Settle Overtime Claims for $2.9M

Kohl’s, the department store chain, has agreed to settle a collective action alleging unpaid wages to its assistant store managers. The $2.9 million pay out will resolve claims that the retailer incorrectly classified its assistant store managers as exempt from receiving overtime. This case was brought under the federal labor law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), which covers a wide range of employee rights including overtime pay.

The initial lawsuit which was filed in January 2018, alleged that Kohl’s misclassified employees in assistant store manager positions as exempt from overtime pay and violated the FLSA when they failed to pay ...

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Covid Layoffs with Minimal Notice May be Huge Issue for Big Employers

The number of layoffs that have been attributed to Covid by companies this past year have been astronomical. Employees often have had little to no notice when being laid off making it extremely difficult to cope during these trying times. What rights, if any, do workers have when it comes to being terminated on the fly? Existing laws, such as the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act), make it illegal for companies with 100 employers or more to fire 50 or more individuals within a short span of time without giving ...

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Fast Food Workers in NYC Get Additional Protections Against Layoffs

Fast food workers in New York City have just gained significant protections against layoffs. Two bills were signed into law this past Tuesday by Mayor Bill de Blasio adding measures to shield workers from terminations without just cause or a significant economic reason. These additional restrictions for layoffs will provide much needed job stability for fast food workers that have been facing widespread challenges in the restaurant industry during the pandemic.

The first bill discusses fast food chains new requirement to present “just cause” when terminating or reducing a fast food workers hours by more than 15%. “Just cause” has been defined as failing to perform job ...

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Convenience Store Chain Settles FLSA Claims for $3M

A popular convenience store chain in Pennsylvania, Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Inc.,has just agreed to resolve claims of unpaid wages for almost $3 million. Employees that worked as Operations Managers for Love’s throughout Pennsylvania filed a class action lawsuit back in 2017 alleging they were owed overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). These Operations Managers claimed that the convenience store chain incorrectly classified them as exempt from overtime pay when working over 40 hours per work week.

The lawsuit alleges that even though these Operations Managers were in high-ranking positionsthey should not have been exempt from overtime pay because ...

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Target is Sued by Hourly Workers in NY for Untimely Pay Regulations

Target Corporation and Target General Merchandise, Inc. (collectively, “Target”) in New York State has just been sued for employee pay violations. Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP filed the class action complaint on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, alleging that the grocery and retail chain failed to pay its manual workers on time. With over 80 locations in New York, Target employs more than 5,000 hourly manual workers. These manual workers such as guest advocates, inbound specialists, visual merchandisers, store attendants, cart attendants, ...

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Walgreens Workers to Receive $4.5M Wage Deal

Walgreens employees have just received a preliminary approval from a federal judge in California approving a $4.5 million settlement for claims of unpaid wages. The workers alleged that the pharmacy chain violated state labor laws by failing to properly pay its employees at its distribution centers. More than 2,600 workers stand to benefit from the payout which the judge found to be fair and a good recovery considering the potential risk of going to trial. Each ...

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CR England to pay $18.6M to Drivers in Wage Deal

CR England, the nation’s largest refrigerated truck company, has agreed to pay its drivers $18.6 million to resolve claims of unpaid wages. A Utah federal judge approved the settlement last week which includes a pay out for almost 13,000 current and former drivers of the company. The result was deemed an appropriate end providing immediate and substantial benefits to its Class Members. Each of the 12,802 affected drivers will be receiving at least $1,300 after all ...

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3 Reasons Why Your Paycheck is Wrong

If you think nothing is wrong with your paycheck, you may want to take a closer look. Many workers are uncertain on how to decipher their paycheck, let alone how to tell if they have been shortchanged. With nuances in Federal Labor Laws as well as lesser known New York State and local labor laws, you have rights that may be going overlooked. Read on below to see what you might be missing:

1. You are paid every 2 weeks instead of weekly.

If you are ...

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