Meatpackers Sue for Unpaid COVID Screening Time

Meatpackers for Cargill Meat Solutions Corp., a Pennsylvania meat plant, have recently filed a class action lawsuit alleging they are owed significant wages. Meatpackers for the company have claimed they went unpaid for time spent undergoing COVID screenings.Thousands of workers at the company’s two plant locations could be affected under the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act (“PMWA”).  

In order to adhere to company policy, employees at these meat plants had to arrive to work prior to their shift starttimes and spend time during their lunch breaks completing COVID-19 symptom checks. Meatpackers went completely unpaid ...

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Nurses to Receive $11.2M To End Misclassification Suit

Nurses for Humana, one of the nation’s largest publicly-traded health and supplemental benefits companies, will soon receive millions in unpaid wages. A collective action lawsuit filed back in 2017 accused the health provider of wrongfully classifying a group of nurses as exempt from receiving overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). All clinical nurse advisors or those in similarly situated positions such as Clinical Intake, Clinical Claims Review, Clinical Claims Review, DME, Acute Case Managers, Market Clinical, and Senior Products utilization management nurses that worked for Humana at any time within the ...

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Misclassified Independent Contractors Sue for $8M In Unpaid OT

Misclassified independent contractors for a Utah alcohol control agency have alleged they are owed significant wages. In a recently filed collective action lawsuit, these workers claimed that the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control failed to correctly compensate them for overtime hours worked. The collectiveaction lawsuit was filed by 13 former and current workers in federal court and is seeking $8 million in damages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”).

According to the filed complaint, these workers or package agents should have been considered employees of the company but were instead misclassified independent contractors. The agency holds an extensive amount of ...

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Walmart Settles Wage Statement Lawsuit for $35M 

Walmart has just agreed to pay $35 million to resolve wage statement claims to a group of store employees. A class action lawsuit that was filed nearly four years ago in California alleged that Walmart failed to provide accurate written wage statementsas required by California law. Even though Walmart denies any wrongdoing, they have come to an agreement to pay $35 million to resolve the potential claims of approximately 265,000 current and former employees. 

California State Law requires employers to furnish accuratepaystubs to its workers. The original complaint claimed that even though Walmart provided electronic wage statements it ...

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Lowe’s Loses Motion to Dismiss Untimely Wage Case

Manual workers of Lowe’s Home Centers who filed a class action last year for untimely wage compensation will continue to move forward with their claims to try and recover owed wages. The district judge on this case, Rachel P. Kovner, denied in part Lowe’s motion to have the case dismissed. This case which was filed February 28, 2020 will continue to move forward under New York Labor Law (“NYLL”) §§ 191 and 198(1-a) and seeks to represent all manual workers ...

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New Biometric Privacy Law In NYC to Protect Consumers

A new biometric privacy law in New York City has recently gone into effect. Following in the footsteps of other cities with strict biometric laws, such as Chicago and Portland, NYC is stepping up protection measures for consumers. With significant technology advancements over the years, the way companies keep track of its consumershas drastically changed. Identifying people via retina, facial and fingerprint scans is now commonplace. Many big retail stores collect biometric identifier information by taking images of unsuspecting customers while they are shopping. Unfortunately, having your biometric data on file somewhere can leave you vulnerable, especially if you don’t know what the ...

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Front Line Medical Workers to Keep $14.5M Back Pay Award

Front line medical workers in New York have just confirmed a huge win of significant owed wages. Nearly 2,500 EMTs and paramedics will keep their $14.5 million award after they filed a class action lawsuit back in 2013 under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). Despite the city and FDNY disputing the award and asking it be overturned, a U.S. District Judge Vernon S. Broderick ruled in favor of the front line medical workers. The federal judge noted that the city’s FLSA violations were willfully enforcing policies that kept these essential workers from getting paid for all of the ...

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Construction Company Sued for $25M, Failed to Pay Workers for Time Spent Undergoing COVID-19 Screenings

Construction company, Anning-Johnson Co., has just been accused of failing to properly pay its workers leaving them significantly underpaid. The class action lawsuit has alleged thatthe Delaware based construction company, specializing in roofing, fireproofing and wall and ceiling assistance, did not pay its laborers for time spent undergoing coronavirus screenings. According to the lawsuit, the claims of owed wages amount to a whopping $25 million.

The lawsuit, which was filed late last week, highlights allegations made by hourly non-exempt employees that claimthey went unpaid for off-the-clock time amongst other violations. Specifically, the construction company requiredhourly employees to show up up to 30 minutes before their scheduled ...

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Amazon Settles Unpaid Wage Claims for $13.5M

Amazon is set to pay $13.5 million to its warehouse workers after a decade long battle alleging owed wage claims. A federal judge in Kentucky has just granted final approval of this settlement resolving claims that the e-commerce giant failed to pay its employees for time spent waiting to clear security checks. More than 42,000 hourly Amazon warehouse workers who worked for the company from October 22, 2007 until April3, 2020 stand to benefit from this payout.

Specifically, the lawsuit claimed that Amazon failed to compensate it warehouse employees when undergoing security checkpoints before and after their ...

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Pharmacy Chain, CVS, to Pay $10.4M in Owed Wages for Training Modules

Pharmacy chain, CVS Pharmacy Inc., has just settled claims that it owed significant wages to its California employees. The $10.4 million settlement will resolve allegations that pharmacy employees were shorted on pay for their actual hours worked. More than 24,000 employees in California who were employed for CVS as pharmacists, pharmacist technicians, pharmacy managers, and pharmacy service associates, stand to benefit from this pay out.

The class action lawsuit, which was filed back in 2016under the California Labor Code, specifically alleged that CVS had policies in place that ...

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