Security Contractors Overtime Case Moves Forward; Court Denies Motion to Stay Proceedings

Earlier this year, security contractors filed their class and collective action lawsuit against Cobra Energy and Espada Security seeking unpaid overtime in the Western District of Texas. In this lawsuit, the contractors were paid a day-rate regardless of the hours they worked during the severe devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Recently, the Defendants motioned to stay Plaintiff’s proceedings in federal court and force arbitration in London, England pursuant to the parties’ signed arbitration agreement. ...

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Catering Company Settles Wage Lawsuit for $4M

A distinguished regional catering group, Mazzone, has tentatively settled a class action lawsuit for unpaid wages for $4 million. The lawsuit, which was filed in 2016, alleged that tips and overtime wages were not paid properly.  Specifically, it claimed that tips from wine purchases were illegally withheld from employees and Mazzone failed to pay time and a half to hourly workers when working over 40 hours per week. These alleged practices violate both the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ...

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McDonald’s Reaches $26M Wage Settlement for Hourly Workers

McDonald’s has agreed to resolve a class action lawsuit that alleged the fast food giant failed to properly pay its workers at corporate California locations.  The lawsuit claimed McDonald’s systematically underpaid its hourly employees by requiring them to work off-the-clock, failing to provide them overtime pay, and adjusting time records to show fewer hours worked. A settlement of $26 million was reached to resolve several wage claims and will ...

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Call Center Employees to Receive $3.8M from JPMorgan for Owed Wages

Call center employees for JPMorgan Chase & Co. have settled claims that alleged the bank failed to pay them all owed wages. Specifically, the lawsuit claimed JPMorgan had call center employees work off the clock and in turn did not pay them the correct overtime rates. The nearly $3.8 million settlement will resolve state law claims and federal claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Almost 7,000 JPMorgan call center employees are expected to benefit from this settlement.  The ...

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T-Mobile Retail Workers Settle Unpaid Wages Lawsuit for $8M

The telecommunications giant, T-Mobile, recently settled a class action lawsuit for unpaid wages totaling $8 million. In the lawsuit that was brought against the company two years ago, retail workers claimed that T-Mobile failed to pay them the correct overtime and proper rest breaks. Specifically, the California Labor Code violations included failing to pay for work completed off-the -clock as well as providing the proper meal and rest breaks that resulted in unpaid overtime and minimum wages.

Affected workers ...

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DOL Recovers $322M in Unpaid Wages

Over the last year the Department of Labor (“DOL”) has done its fair share in recovering unpaid wages. Workers that had been shorted on things like minimum wages, overtime pay and other compensation benefited from the $322 million recovery that spanned from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019.

The Wage and Hour Division of the DOL, the department that secured this recovery, enforces wage requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (“FLSA”). The agency has recently been using data ...

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Improper Pay Stubs Result in $25M Award

Alaska Airlines has been ordered to pay $25,010,158 in penalties to flight attendants who claimed their pay stubs were not up to code. The Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) in California allows affected employees to file lawsuits to recover penalties for themselves and other similarly situated employees when there are Labor Code violations. Specifically, this lawsuit alleged that Alaska Airlines failed to provide employees with information on their pay stubs that explained the source of all wages earned which ...

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Loan Officers Pending $5M Deal in Wage Suit

Loan officers from an Illinois Bank, the American Bank and Trust, are looking to obtain final approval of a $5 million settlement to resolve wage claims.  The mortgage division loan officers had alleged that the bank knowingly and willfully did not pay their wages in accordance with federal and state labor laws.

Specifically, the loan officers claimed the bank failed to pay them minimum wages for all hours worked and overtime pay for hours worked in excess of forty ...

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Prison Guards Move Forward with $114M Owed Wage Verdict

After a long-standing battle against Missouri state’s Department of Corrections, prison guards of these facilities get to keep their $114 million verdict for owed wages.  A three-judge panel for the Missouri Court of Appeals upheld a jury verdict and judgment in favor of the prison guards that claimed they went unpaid for tasks they performed before and after shifts commenced and ended.

Some of the off-the-clock responsibilities alleged by the prison guards included logging in or out of the ...

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Restaurant Servers in Philly Must Receive Full Tips from Credit Card Transactions

A little-known regulation in Philadelphia has been gaining attention recently. The amendment to the Chapter 9-600 of the Philadelphia Code was passed to protect tips of hardworking restaurant servers. Up until then, it had been the norm for restaurants in the Philadelphia area to deduct part of the 2-4% credit card convenience fees from their employee’s tips or gratuities. Now, restaurants have to absorb those costs completely. The law also requires that affected servers have their tips and gratuities ...

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