Warehouse Workers for Logistics Company To Recover $3.25M in Unpaid Wages 

Warehouse workers in Illinois have recently settled a collective and class action lawsuit accusing a logistics company for unpaid wages. The lawsuit, which was originally filed mid 2020 against Pinnacle, brought wage claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), the Illinois Minimum Wage Law (“IMWL”), the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act (“IWPCA”), the Maryland Wage and Hour Law (“MWHL”) and the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law (“MWPCL”). The $3.25 million settlement will resolve ...

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Disaster Relief Workers Reach $17M in Unpaid OT Deal With FEMA

Disaster relief workers for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) have just reached a substantial settlement resolving claims of unpaid wages. The $16.5 million deal will settle claims of unpaid overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”)made by disaster relief workers paid by FEMA.More that 3,800 current and former workers part of the class action will benefit from the nearly $17 million settlement.

The grievance, which was initially filed in March 2018, claimed these emergency workers were improperly denied the proper overtime when working over 40 hours per week as required ...

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IT Sales Representatives Secure a $1.8M Settlement for Unpaid Wages

IT sales representatives for A Canadian based information technology company have just resolved their claims of unpaid wages. This collective action lawsuit, which was originally filedless than two months ago, reached a settlement deal of $1.8 million to cover allegations of significant unpaid wages. Approximately 190 IT Sales Representatives that worked for Softchoice in Illinois between June 28, 2018, and Oct. 31, 2021stand to benefit from this payout. 

The lawsuit specifically alleged that IT sales representatives were wrongly classified as exempt from receiving overtime payunder the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the Illinois Minimum Wage ...

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Transport Drivers Secure $4.9M Settlement to Resolve Unpaid OT Claims

Drivers for a Houston area public service transit company have recently resolved unpaid wage claims from a collective action filed back in 2020. The nearly $4.9 million settlement will cover claims of unpaid overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The original complaint alleged drivers were wrongly classified as independent contractors when they should have been considered employees entitled to overtime pay at time and a half their regular hourly rate when working over 40 hours per week. More than 260 drivers stand to benefit from the $4,875,000 million settlement with each driver receiving an average of nearly $19,000.

Drivers ...

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Employee Biometric Privacy Lawsuit Settles for $4.5M in Illinois

Workers for a online gift retailer in Illinois, owned by Bed Bath & Beyond Inc., have reached a significant settlement to end biometric privacy claims that their employer used illegalfingerprint scanning practices. A federal judge is set to approve the $4.5 million deal after both parties reached this settlement after an 11-hour mediation this past October. More than 200,000 employees of LLC stand to benefit from this payout.

The lawsuit specifically alleged that the finger scanning time clock system used by their employer to collect their clock in and out times did not first obtain their consent to the data and collection use. States like Illinois have strict biometric privacy laws which require explicit consent to data ...

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Walmart Untimely Wage Case Successfully Moves Forward

In May of 2020, Walmart manual workers filed a class action lawsuit against the grocery chain and retailer in the Northern District of New York for underpayment caused by the late payment of wages. Walmart allegedly failed to compensate its hourly cashiers, front end associates, stockers, receiving associates, sales associates, and other similarly situated manual labor positions on a bi-weekly basis as required by the New York Labor Law (“NYLL”). Instead, these manual workers were paid on a bi-weekly basis even ...

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Home Health Aides To Receive $4.5M In Unpaid Wages

Home health aides for a Pennsylvania based home health care agency have just been awarded $4.5 million in owed wages. The agency, Successful Aging Care Net Inc., allegedly failed to pay its home health aides the correct overtime pay when working over 40 hours in one work week. This lawsuit, that was originally filed in 2020 for violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act, will help more than 500 workers benefit from this payout. Affected workers include home health aides, office staff employees,and nurses.

A Pennsylvania federal judge ordered the payout after finding that ...

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Cleaners for W Services Group File a Lawsuit for Unpaid Wages

Cleaners for a facilities service provider have filed a class and collective action lawsuit against W Services Group LLC for unpaid wages. This lawsuit seeks to recover minimum wages and overtime compensation and other damages for similarly situated cleaners who have worked for W Services Group LLC (“W Services”) and Cleaning Path Corp. (“Cleaning Path”).  Affected cleaners may include janitorial, floor care, exterior maintenance, specialty, and emergency response workers who have completed work for W Services and Cleaning Path in New York between July 25, 2015 and the date of final judgment in this matter.

The lawsuit ...

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Hourly Workers for Advance Auto Parts Sue for Untimely Pay

Hourly Workers for Advance Auto Parts have recently filed a class action lawsuit against Advance Auto Parts for failing to pay its hourly workers in New York correctly. This lawsuit, filed by Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP, seeks to recover underpayment caused by untimely wage payments and other damages under the New York Labor Law (“NYLL”). Affected employees may include all similarly situated non-exempt hourly positions such as store drivers and all other hourly workers who work ...

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Construction Safety Flaggers in NY Sue for Unpaid Wages

Construction site safety flaggers have just filed a class and collective action against Akela Contracting LLC and JDV Safety for unpaid wages. Akela, a large-scale construction contractor based out of New York with various construction projects with the City, utilized JDV Safety to provide safety services for these projects. As the prime contractor, Akela used JDV Safety to provide Flagpersons or Flaggers to their construction sites. This lawsuit seeks to recover overtime compensation and other damages under New York Labor Law (“NYLL”) and the Fair Labor Standards Act ...

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