Chipotle Fast-Food Workers Sue for Fair Workweek Violations in NYC

Several Chipotle locations in the New York City have some explaining to do after employees filed claims with the city alleging the restaurant chain violated the Fair Workweek Law. This law, which went into effect in November of 2017 in New York City, requires employers to provide predictable schedules for quick service employees. More than 30 employees from five different chain locations in Brooklyn filed claims with the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings that Chipotle ...

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Illinois Facebook Users May Receive Up to $550M in Privacy Settlement

Facebook has agreed to pay $550 million to its users residing in Illinois to settle claims that its biometric tagging feature violated their privacy rights. Illinois currently has some of the strictest biometric privacy laws in all of the United States. The Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA) was established back in 2008 in order to protect consumers from having companies use their biometric information, such as retina, facial and fingerprint scans, without their consent. This lawsuit ...

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Misclassified Independent Contractors to Receive $2.75M to Resolve Wage Lawsuit

Independent Contractors represented by the Office of the Attorney General (“AOG”) that sued a national electrical contracting company for allegedly misclassifying them will now receive millions to resolve claims that they were not paid correctly. The contracting company,Power Design, has agreed to settle with the AOG for the District of Columbia for unpaid wage claims that total $2.75 million. This amount will be distributed between approximately 500 affected workers, the District of Columbia’s litigation fund, as well as job ...

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NYC EMTs and Paramedics Have Their $7.2M OT Damages Doubled

More than 2,500 NYC emergency medical technicians ( EMTs ) and paramedics have been awarded a hefty sum of owed wages by the city.  Not only were they awarded just over $7.2 million for unpaid overtime but a federal court recently approved an order granting them an additional $7.2 million in liquidated damages doubling the amount owed to them under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).   

This result came about after three-week trial in which plaintiffs proved EMTs consistently ...

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Sexual Harassment Case Settles for Cash and Future Profits

The sexual harassment case against the owner of NYC’s celebrity hot spot, The Spotted Pig, has been settled after a year and a half long civil investigation completed by the attorney general’s office. The investigation further exposed a work environment that ran rampant with sexual harassment, unwanted advances and retaliation condoned and perpetrated by owner Kevin Friedman. Eleven former employees who alleged they were subject to sexual harassment will ...

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Cashiers to Receive $7M from Big Lots for Unpaid Wages

Cashiers that filed a class action lawsuit back in 2014 against the Big Lots retailer in California are finally seeing a resolution to their claim for unpaid wages. A federal court has given the go ahead for a $7 million settlement to resolve allegations that the retailer denied its cashiers pay for work while being off the clock and “gap time” pay for waiting to leave their stores after clocking out. The multimillion-dollar payout is set to affect over ...

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Security Contractors Overtime Case Moves Forward; Court Denies Motion to Stay Proceedings

Earlier this year, security contractors filed their class and collective action lawsuit against Cobra Energy and Espada Security seeking unpaid overtime in the Western District of Texas. In this lawsuit, the contractors were paid a day-rate regardless of the hours they worked during the severe devastation caused by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Recently, the Defendants motioned to stay Plaintiff’s proceedings in federal court and force arbitration in London, England pursuant to the parties’ signed arbitration agreement. ...

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Catering Company Settles Wage Lawsuit for $4M

A distinguished regional catering group, Mazzone, has tentatively settled a class action lawsuit for unpaid wages for $4 million. The lawsuit, which was filed in 2016, alleged that tips and overtime wages were not paid properly.  Specifically, it claimed that tips from wine purchases were illegally withheld from employees and Mazzone failed to pay time and a half to hourly workers when working over 40 hours per week. These alleged practices violate both the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) ...

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McDonald’s Reaches $26M Wage Settlement for Hourly Workers

McDonald’s has agreed to resolve a class action lawsuit that alleged the fast food giant failed to properly pay its workers at corporate California locations.  The lawsuit claimed McDonald’s systematically underpaid its hourly employees by requiring them to work off-the-clock, failing to provide them overtime pay, and adjusting time records to show fewer hours worked. A settlement of $26 million was reached to resolve several wage claims and will ...

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Call Center Employees to Receive $3.8M from JPMorgan for Owed Wages

Call center employees for JPMorgan Chase & Co. have settled claims that alleged the bank failed to pay them all owed wages. Specifically, the lawsuit claimed JPMorgan had call center employees work off the clock and in turn did not pay them the correct overtime rates. The nearly $3.8 million settlement will resolve state law claims and federal claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Almost 7,000 JPMorgan call center employees are expected to benefit from this settlement.  The ...

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