Hourly Employees at Krispy Kreme to Recover $1.1M Over Unpaid Overtime 

Hourly employees at doughnut chain, Krispy Kreme, have recently resolved claims of unpaid wages. A settlement of over $1.1 million will end allegations that Krispy Kreme failed to pay its hourly employees all of their overtime wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). More than 500 workers at 242 Krispy Kreme locations nationwide stand to benefit from the $1,187,757 payout. 

The Department of Labor launched an investigation into a Louisville, Kentucky location of Krispy Kreme less ...

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Delivery Drivers for Papa John’s to Recover $20M in Unpaid Wages 

Delivery drivers for Papa John’s have reached a significant settlement amount for owed wages. The collective of pizza drivers are presenting the $20 million deal to a federal judge in New York for approval ending claims that they were incorrectly reimbursed for out of pocket vehicle expenses accrued while completing job duties. Workers for Papa John’s International, Inc.(“PJI”) throughout at least seven states, including Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota and Missouri,stand to benefit from this settlement. The lawsuit was originally filed six years ago under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and several state ...

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Untimely Weekly Pay Claims For Manual Labor Workers Aren’t Going Away 

Weekly pay lawsuits have increased recently and despite several attempts to dismiss workers claims, courts have denied these motions and kept these claims alive. Hourly employees for retail giants, such as Zara USA Inc. and Walmart, have been able to continue forward with their case for untimely pay after being paid biweekly instead of weekly. Hourly workers in the retail industry, as well as other manualworkers in New York State, should be paid their wages within seven calendar days after the end of the week in which these wages were earned as required by the New York Labor Law (“NYLL”).

The NYLL protects manual workers in ...

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Hourly Hospital Workers End Unpaid Wage Claims for $8.75M 

Hospital workers for Aurora Health Care Inc. have settled their class action lawsuit alleging owed wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The nearly $9 million payout will resolve claims that the medical service provider failed to pay its hourly employees for regular hours as well as overtime pay. The Aurora Health Care system employs individuals in 16 hospitals, 70 pharmacies and over 150 clinics in eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Affected employees include hourly workersthat were employed by Aurora Health Care locations inWisconsin between August 14, 2017 and December ...

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Truck Drivers to Receive $6M to End Independent Contractor Misclass Lawsuit 

Truck drivers for a logistics company have recently settled claims of owed wages for $6 million.The California based logistics company, Rail Delivery Services Inc., allegedly failed to properly classify its truck drivers as employees and instead considered them independent contractors. The settlement was reached on behalf of nearly 400 truck drivers under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the California Labor Code.

This collective and class action matter, which was originally filed in 2019, alleged that the logistics company unlawfully misclassified its interstate commerce truck drivers as independent contractors and as a result of ...

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Gig Workers for Instacart to Receive $46.5M to End Misclass Suit 

Gig workers of Instacart in California have just resolved owed wage claims under California’s labor laws for asubstantial settlement. The $46.5 million agreement will benefit over 300,000 gig workers in San Diego that worked for the grocery delivery platform between September 2015 through December 2020. The claims were brought under California’s Unfair Competition Law and alleged gig workers were misclassified as exempt from numerous wage and job benefits. Affected gig workers’ settlement portions will be calculated based on the number of hours each worker worked during the 5 year period.

The lawsuit, which was ...

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Steel Mill Workers to Recover Over $13M In Unpaid Wages 

Steel mill workers in Alabama were recently awarded a significant settlement totaling over $13 million for unpaid wages. The class action awsuit was filed in Alabama under local state laws as well as the Fair Labor Standard’s Act (“FLSA”) for unpaid overtime. Over 275 steel mill workers stand to benefit from the $13.17 million settlement. Those eligible to participate in this recovery include all current and former steel mill workers that were employed by Outokumpu Stainless Steel USA, LLC since November 1, 2018.

The lawsuit, which was originally filed in 2018, alleged that the Outokumpu steel mill violated the FLSA by ...

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Assistant Store Managers for Burlington Coat Factory To Receive $11M in Unpaid OT 

Assistant store managers for the clothing retailer, Burlington Coat Factory, have swiftly resolved claims of unpaid wages in New Jersey federal court. The collective action lawsuit had aimed to recover unpaid overtime compensation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) for current and former Assistant Store Managers employed by Burlington Coat Factory between from February 4, 2019 and February 28, 2021 across the United States working over 40 hours per week. Over 1,700 current and former assistant store managers that were allegedly misclassified and exempt from overtime pay will benefit from the $11 million payout.

The lawsuit specifically claimed that Burlington had misclassified its assistant store managers as exempt ...

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Caregivers at Assisted Living Facilities to Receive $9.5M for Unpaid Wages

Caregivers at Assisted Living Facilities to Receive $9.5M for Unpaid Wages

Caregivers for an assisted living facility have received preliminary approval in recovering a significant settlement for owed wages. A California federal judge has given initial approval of a $9.5 million wage deal for claims that caregivers brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) against Frontier, a senior living home operator.Approximately 1,000 current and former caregivers for Frontier stand to benefit from this payout ending allegations that they went unpaid for off-the-clock work during breaks.

This collective action, which was filed back in September ...

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Hospital Workers to Receive $19.7M Resolving Claims of Unpaid Wages 

Hospital workers for a hospital group based out of Florida have reached a nearly $20 million settlement to settle claims of significant unpaid wages. The hospital group, Sacred Heart Health System, has more than 2,600 facilities with more than 100,000 employees across the United States making it one of the largest healthcare providers in the country. The $19.7 million settlement will resolve claims for approximately thousands of hospital workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). All current and former non-exempt hourly hospital workers within the last three years stand to benefit from this payout.

The collective action lawsuit, which was initially filed back ...

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