Staffing Company Allegedly Forced Workers to Show Up Early Without Compensation

MadiCorp, a temporary staffing company, is facing a proposed collective action filed in a federal court in New York by two ex-employees who claimed that the company transported them to their workplace early every morning but did not compensate them for the overtime hours.  

Former MadiCorp employees have recently filed a complaint under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and New York Labor Law. The complaint alleges that they, along with other employees, were consistently underpaid for pre-shift  hours they worked. The workers’ also allege timekeeping records  tampered with to reduce their pay.

Furthermore, the complaint states the company required employees to stay in a hotel near the worksite. They were then transported from the hotel via a van provided by MadiCorp, which arrived to the worksite 30 minutes before their shift began. Despite this, they were not permitted to clock-in until the scheduled start time of their shift. The workers were also forbidden from commuting to the worksite independently. Additionally, according to the complaint, the employees received a compensation of roughly $19 per hour and worked five shifts, each lasting eight hours, per week. As a result, the employees have missed out on the overtime wages that they are owed. MadiCorp also allegedly failed to provide employees with the mandatory annual wage notice under the New York Labor Law. Chase and Yarbrough have taken legal action and seek to represent more than 100 present and former MadiCorp workers in New York, recovering unpaid compensation and damages on their behalf.

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