Notice Sent out Nationwide for Uncle Julio’s Class Action

In October 2015, Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP along with Werman Salas P.C. filed a class action lawsuit against the Uncle Julio’s Corporation and Uncle Julio’s of Illinois, Inc. The lawsuit alleged that Uncle Julio’s Restaurants failed to pay tipped employees the proper minimum wage rates to which they were entitled. Recently, the Court approved that notice of lawsuit be sent out to over 5,000 tipped employees, including servers and bartenders nationwide who work or have worked at any of the ...

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Staten Island Hospital Settles Big in Unpaid Overtime Case

A hospital worker, Robert Volpe, at Staten Island University Hospital filed a wage and hour lawsuit against the facility in May of 2015. The phlebotomist and lab technician working within the hospital’s Dyker Lab Patient Service Center was completing at least 60 hours of work per week for the last 6 years and paid a salary of approximately $65,000. Volpe was never paid overtime but was required to work long hours.  Now, not even a year later, the hospital has ...

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FLSA Lawsuit Filed Against P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s, a leading domestic and international Asian-inspired casual chain restaurant, was hit with a class and collective action FLSA Lawsuit on Friday, April 1, 2016. The class includes servers, bussers, runners, bartenders and other “Tipped Workers” who work or have worked for P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, Inc. in the United States. They are being represented by Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP along with Werman Salas P.C.

The FLSA lawsuit alleges that P.F. Chang’s has instituted widespread practices and policies that violate ...

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Intentionally Skirting Obamacare Could Cost Companies Big

Whether you’re for it, or against it, the Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has officially been in full effect for a little over a year now.  This health care law requires that employers, whose business employs 50 or more full time employees, must offer its workers health insurance or face penalties that can exceed $2,000 per employee. Eligible workers must work at least 30 hours per week for the company in order to be entitled ...

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BofA Settles Overtime Lawsuit

Bank of America, the second largest national bank, has settled a class action overtime lawsuit for $14,000,000. The lawsuit alleged the bank failed to pay its Financial Advisor Trainees in the Merrill Lynch unit their overtime pay. The trainees claim they were working 60 hours or more per week and were not compensated at time and a half what their hourly rate would be for overtime.

Approximately 9,500 trainees nationwide will be benefiting from this settlement if approved by the court. ...

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Energy Corporation Settles FLSA Lawsuit for 4.95 M

An oil-field services company, SandRidge Energy Corp. has agreed to pay up to almost $5 million to settle an FLSA lawsuit alleging unpaid overtime and owed wages. Sixteen employees rallied together in a class action lawsuit filed back in July 2013. They believed the company was shortchanging them on their hours worked and ultimately did not pay them for their overtime hours allegedly violating provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Like many other workers in this industry ...

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The NY Times Settles Another Wrongful Termination Case

Last year in June of 2015, 51-year-old Tracy Quitasol filed a wrongful termination case against the online and news print mogul, The New York Times. Quitasol was terminated after complaining about the repeated sexist behavior of a male subordinate and also believes her dismissal was part of a larger purge by her boss. The lawsuit alleges that a top Times executive eliminated several dozen older workers of color and replaced them with mostly white employees under the age ...

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Buffalo Wild Wings Sued by Tipped Workers

The popular casual dining and sports bar franchise, Buffalo Wild Wings, is being sued by two former tipped workers for unpaid wages. The plaintiffs, represented by Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP, allege that Buffalo Wild Wings failed to pay the proper minimum wage and overtime to servers, bussers, bartenders, and other tipped workers as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the New York Labor Law (“NYLL”). Additionally, the class action lawsuit seeks to recover damages for uniform-related expenses, ...

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Understanding Vacation Pay in Illinois

Understanding what you are entitled to receive with regards to your vacation pay is very important especially when it comes to leaving your place of employment. In that regard, laws vary greatly from state to state. For example, in Illinois under the Wage Payment and Collection Act, you have rights as an employee if you’ve been provided with paid vacation. Generally speaking, you must be paid by your employer for any unused vacation days you have left at the end ...

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Domino’s Drivers File FLSA Lawsuit

Delivery drivers are often faced with unfortunate working conditions such as bad weather, no tips, deadlines, ungrateful customers, and unsafe neighborhoods. However, many drivers do not realize that they may also be getting taken advantage of by their own employers. On February 5th, 2016, a class action FLSA lawsuit was filed by Fitapelli & Schaffer against Domino’s franchises and subsidiary owners MSK Management, LLC and Mohammad S. Khan. The lawsuit is filed on behalf of all delivery drivers who work ...

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