Oil and Gas Workers Awarded $1.8M for Overtime Claims

Oil and gas workers of a major Canadian based energy company have settled a lawsuit for overtime claims in Colorado. The Canadian company, Ensign Energy service, was accused of wrongfully classifying these oil and gas workers as salaried employees. Even though the company can pay these types of workers a salary, their job duties must keep them exempt them from receiving overtime pay. In this situation, the oil and gas workers were being paid a salary, but ...

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Navigating Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace

In light of the recent outpouring of sexual harassment claims within the entertainment industry, many might be left wondering what steps can be taken if they have or are currently dealing with this kind of abuse in the workplace. When deciding whether or not to report the sexual harassment many may not feel safe reporting their claim. Your place of employment may have a human resources department which can address your complaints but many smaller companies may ...

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Hollywood Scrambling after Weinstein Demise Triggers Outpouring of Victims of the Industry

The way Hollywood treats females within the industry may be shifting. At the very least, many high profile names within the business claim they will no longer be complicit by turning a blind eye and not speaking out against claims of sexual harassment. With the fall of Harvey Weinstein, keeping quiet about alleged abuses of power, once deemed the norm within the industry, is no longer an option. The floodgates have been opened now that the media ...

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Amazon Studio Head Suspended for Sexual Harassment

Roy Price, a movie executive at Amazon Movie Studios has been suspended over claims of sexual harassment. The interesting bit is that these allegations were not made recently but over two years ago by a producer on the Amazon shows, Isa Hackett. In light of the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, Mrs. Hackett decided to go public with the fact that she was sexually harassed by Mr. Price two years ago at an event promoting one of her ...

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Gender Pay Discrimination Lawsuit Settles Against ‘Fearless Girl’ Firm for $5M

It is funny to think that gender pay equality would ever be an issue for State Street Corporation, the company responsible for installing the ‘Fearless Girl” statue. The statue, which has quickly become an iconic symbol of female equality, is now a bit a sore spot for the company after having to settle a gender pay discrimination lawsuit for $5 million. The company was investigated by the Department of Labor (DOL) and the governments findings conclude that ...

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Sexual Harassment and the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Sexual harassment and gender discrimination has long been hinted at within the movie industry but only in recent years have investigations been launched shedding some light onto these accusations. Movie moguls have been known to use their power to coerce female actors into compromising situations that would often lead to unwanted sexual harassment and advances.  Often, these film producers would go as far as to threaten their victims to stay silent about the abuse or risk putting ...

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Prova Pizzabar, Owned by Donatella Arpaia and Mark Geragos, Sued for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

On Thursday, October 5, 2017, Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against Prova Pizzabar, a restaurant located inside Grand Central Station. This popular pizza spot is owned by television personality and restaurateur Donatella Arpaia and celebrity criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos. A female ex-employee of Prova Pizzabar claims she was severely harassed and sexually accosted by a coworker and was then terminated when complaining about it to a supervisor. The lawsuit alleges discrimination based ...

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Salary Inquiries to be Prohibited by Prospective Employers in NYC

Salary inquiries of prospective employees are set to become a thing of the past. A new legislation that was signed into law earlier this year by Mayor  De Blasio will soon go into effect on October 31, 2017. The legislation will prohibit employers from questioning its job applicants about their salary history in an attempt to curb gender pay issues by lowering the possibility of women being negatively impacted by their previous salary levels.   The New York City Commission on ...

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Trump Administration Thinks Companies Can Terminate Employees for Being Gay

The Trump Administration is making it abundantly clear that it is set on reversing the government’s position on LGBTQ rights, more specifically, LGBTQ employee rights. Just this week, during an appeal for a work place sexual orientation discrimination case, a lawyer from the Justice Department under the Trump Administration argued against the former employee who filed the lawsuit. The ex-employee, Donald Zarda, worked for a company called Altitude Express and claims he was fired for being gay.

The ...

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Gender Discrimination Alleged by Female Attorney at Top Tier Law Firm

Winston & Strawn, a well established top tier law firm, has been sued by a former female income partner. They have joined the list of the latest biglaw firms, such as Proskauer Rose and Steptoe & Johnson LLP, to be hit with gender discrimination lawsuits. The complaint alleges that the highly qualified ex employee was continually denied the same opportunities as her male counterparts even when she was outperforming them.

The plaintiff, Constance Ramos, claims that she was ...

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