Retail Workers at Zara Win Class Action Status for Unpaid Overtime

The class action lawsuit filed against the nationwide retailer, Zara USA, INC. and INDITEX USA LLC, in May of last year continues to move forward successfully. Recently, the retail workers who brought the case forward requested that the proposed class of employees, which includes stock associates, sales associates, cashiers, and other similarly situated hourly workers be conditionally certified as a class in order to send notice alerting all potentially affected employees about the lawsuit and their rights. The case, which seeks to recover unpaid overtime for all hourly workers of Zara throughout the United States, ...

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Security checks Cost Nike $8.25M in Unpaid Wages for its Retail Workers

Security checks for Nike workers has just cost the retail company big. Nike was accused of failing to pay its retail employees for time spent waiting to clear security checks. The class action lawsuit, which was brought back in 2014 in California, has finally been resolved for over $8 million. More than 16,000 current and former hourly retail workers that were employed by Nike Retail Services between February 2010 and November 2019 stand to benefit from ...

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Call Center Employees to Receive $1.2M for Unpaid Wages

Call center employees for an insurance health provider have reached a settlement resolving claims of unpaid wages. These workers alleged that their employer, Aon Hewitt Health Market Insurance Solutions Inc., failed to properly compensate them for all hours worked and both sides have asked an Illinois federal judge to give final approval of their $1.25 million class and collective action settlement. Nearly 600 call center employees stand to benefit from the $1.2 million settlement.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Illinois back in March of 2019, alleged that Aon failed to pay its call ...

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Delivery Drivers of Baked Goods Manufacturer to Receive $3.15M in Unpaid Wages

Delivery Drivers or distributors of Tastykake baked goods have just resolved allegations of unpaid wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). Tastykake has agreed to pay these delivery drivers $3.15 million to resolve class action claims that they were misclassified as independent contractors and denied the proper overtime pay. More than 200 class members who worked for the company in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey stand to benefit from this payout.

Tastykake, which has numerous warehouses stocked with fresh baked products, hired distributors as independent contractors that functioned as delivery drivers to deliver and stock their products at its retailer customer locations. The class action lawsuit argued that these drivers should have been ...

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Publix Supermarket to Settle OT Lawsuit for Over $7M

The popular supermarket chain, Publix Super Markets Inc., has opted to resolve a collective action lawsuit claiming they failed to properly compensate its employees. Deli and bakery managers at the supermarket filed a collective action lawsuit in Georgia back in 2019 under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) alleging they were misclassified as exempt from receiving overtime pay. Over 1,600 people employed in managerial positions within Publix’s bakery, deli, or meat departments between October 2016 and ...

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Entry Level Analysts Could Be Owed Significant OT at Big Banks

One of the biggest financial institutions in the industry has recently come under fire after an internal survey noted how many hours junior analysts were really working this past year. These internal statistics that were gathered by junior investment bankers surveyed these analysts and the toll of their mental and physical health after working painfully long work weeks for months on end. According to the survey that was leaked to social media, these alleged 100-hour work weeks caused significant burnouts to those dealing with the recent boom in deals. On top of this serious physical and mental toll, these entry level analyst positions could be owed significant wages when it comes to unpaid ...

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Wells Fargo Loan Officers Win Certification in Unpaid OT Lawsuit

Wells Fargo loan officers have just been handed a significant win and will be allowed to move forward with notifying employees nationwide of their right to seek unpaid wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). A Pennsylvania federal judge agreed to conditionally certify this group of mortgage consultants that alleged the established banking and lending giant failed to accurately record and pay for all their hours worked when working over 40 hours per work week. Affected employees may include include all current and former mortgage officers that worked overtime for Wells Fargo between May 2016 and the present.

These mortgage loan officers were classified as non-exempt from overtime, getting paid a draw against ...

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Pandemic Pay OT Case Settles for Nearly $8M

Pandemic pay that has been offered in several industries as an incentive for many essential workers during the height coronavirus outbreak has been under much scrutiny in the last several months. For example, many workers within the meat packing industry who were offered pandemic pay as a bonus for working in dangerous conditions for months on end have now noted that their employers have failed to properly pay them during this time. This is the case with employees of pork producer Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp. who claimed they went unpaid for the proper overtime when working long hours. More than 30,000 workers stand ...

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Domino’s Drivers to Receive $3M to Settle Claims of Unpaid Wages

A Domino’s Pizza franchise owner has agreed to settle claims of unpaid wages for over 3,000 of its delivery drivers. In March of 2019 pizza delivery drivers brought a class and collective action in North Carolina under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act (“NCWHA”) that alleged this Domino’s franchise, Team Carolinas, failed to reimburse their expenses in turn bringing their pay well below the minimum wage. The $3 ...

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DCS All American Sued For Unpaid OT

DCS, a Texas based third party vendor providing services to companies in the oil and gas industry, has been sued for unpaid wages. Affected employees that brought this lawsuit forward include Day Rate Employees for the company that have alleged that they have not been properly paid for all hours worked as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) resulting in unpaid overtime. This lawsuit seeks to recover overtime pay for all current and former day rate employees who provided services on behalf of DCS ...

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