Flight Attendants Get $53.5M Pay Stub Violation Settlement Approved

Flight attendants for United Airlines have just had their significant wage deal for owed wages confirmed by the courts. A California federal judge has recently given their initial approval of the $53.5 million settlement resolving claims that the major airline failed to provide adequate wage statements as required by California Labor Code. Affected individuals include all current and former flight attendants employed by UnitedAirlines based at a California airport between August 2014 and March 31, 2023. Over 5,000 flight attendants stand to benefit from this payout.

The lawsuit which was originally filed back in 2015, alleged that United Airlines did not provide detailed and accurate wage statements. For example, these paystubs failed to show flight attendants’ hourly rates for different pay based on different activities, or the hours worked, in violation of California law.Additionally, there were claims that United also did not itemize breakdowns for pay and deductions. The multimillion dollar settlement will award affected individuals on a pro rata basis.The payments will be proportionally based on the number of wage statements received during the class period with each individual receiving on average about $3,240. Not only did the settlement represent over 80% of the maximum potential a class member could receive at trial, but United has promised to ensurefuture wage statements are in compliance with California Labor Code

Your pay stubs and wage statements hold crucial informationand will often times be able to let you know if you’re getting paid correctly or not. However, they’re not always easy to decipher. If you have any questions or concerns that you may not be getting paid all of your owed wages, it is important to have an employment lawyer review your pay stubs. Our firm, Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP, offers a free and confidential consultation over the phone. You can reach us at (212)300-0375 to schedule your consultation now. Also, visit our website here for additional helpful information regarding your work rights.