Beatrice Inn Faces Unpaid Wages Lawsuit

Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP has filed a class action wage lawsuit against the Beatrice Inn restaurant, a high end West Village chop house known for its extravagant steak options. According to the lawsuit, Butcher’s Block Hospitality, LLC and Angela Mar, owners of the Beatrice Inn restaurant failed to pay its tipped workers overtime compensation, minimum wages, misappropriated tips, and other damages. Employees that would be affected by the lawsuit include tipped workers such as bartenders, barbacks, captains, and others in similar non-managerial positions.

The lawsuit claims that the Beatrice Inn violated the New York Labor Law (“NYLL”) by:

  • Failing to provide written notice of the tip credit minimum wage rate to tipped workers.
  • Requiring tipped workers to share tips with employees who were not entitled to receive them under the NYLL including, but not limited to, Bar Managers and Silverware Polishers;
  • Requiring tipped workers to spend more than 2 hours and/or 20% of their shift performing non-tip producing side work such as general cleaning of the restaurant and stocking and cleaning service areas; and

Due to these potential violations of the NYLL, tipped workers were unable to keep all of the tips that they earned as well as unable to earn hourly wages at the proper minimum wage rate. Affected tipped workers may be entitled to recover their owed hard earned wages as well as liquidated damages, reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs, and pre-judgment and post-judgment interest. If you have worked for the Beatrice Inn located at 285 W 12th Street, New York, NY 10014 as a captain, bartender, barback, or other non-managerial employee, you may have a claim. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the matter, please call Fitapelli & Schaffer, a firm is dedicated to combating a wide range of abusive and illegal workplace practices. Dial (212) 300-0375 for a free phone consultation or visit our web page for additional information.

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