Judge Approves $3.7 Million Overtime Settlement for Meat Processor in Ohio

A $3.7 million settlement between a meat processor and a class of employees in Ohio has been granted approval by a federal judge, effectively resolving their unpaid overtime claims and closing the case permanently.

The approved settlement will distribute $2.4 million proportionally among class members, comprising current and former non-overtime-exempt Fresh Mark production employees from February 22, 2019, up to the present. Considering the three-year statute of limitations, this payout equates to a 56% recovery of their total damages, leading the Judge to deem the settlement amount a satisfactory compromise.

The plaintiff initially filed a lawsuit against the meat processor Fresh Mark Inc. in February 2022, asserting that he worked between 40 to 60 hours per week, yet he was only compensated for the hours worked within his scheduled shift. He alleged that the company mandated him to work beyond those hours. According to the plaintiff, his employer should have reimbursed him for the time he spent putting on and taking off personal protective equipment before and after his shift.

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