$72.5 Million Settlement for Home Depot’s Unpaid Overtime Receives Initial Green Light

In a significant development for Home Depot and its employees, a federal judge in California granted initial approval for a substantial $72.5 million settlement. This settlement brings an end to a prolonged and complex legal battle that spanned seven years, addressing class claims accusing Home Depot of neglecting to compensate its workers for off-the-clock work.

The Judge also authorized the certification of three subclasses. The first subclass comprises hourly, non-overtime-exempt workers in California. The second subclass includes workers who had completed at least one closing shift. The third subclass consists of workers who experienced pay discrepancies due to time rounding practices, resulting in them being paid less than their actual total hours worked. According to court records, each of these subclasses comprises several hundred thousand members.

According to court records, the class settlement distribution is structured as follows:

  • 50% of the settlement amount will be allocated to cover the claims of subclass members who worked closing shifts and were required to perform off-the-clock work.
  • 41% of the settlement amount will cover the claims of workers who had to perform work before their scheduled shifts (pre-shift work).
  • The remaining 9% will be designated for time-rounding claims and will be distributed equally among all members of the affected class.

Per the judge’s assessment, the settlement appears to treat all three subclasses fairly. The net fund will be divided among the three subclasses based on the relative values of their individual claims. This ensures an equitable distribution of the settlement amount, reflecting the varying degrees of harm and losses experienced by each subclass. The judge’s decision reflects a balanced approach in addressing the concerns of all parties involved in the case.

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