Walgreens Workers to Receive $4.5M Wage Deal

Walgreens employees have just received a preliminary approval from a federal judge in California approving a $4.5 million settlement for claims of unpaid wages. The workers alleged that the pharmacy chain violated state labor laws by failing to properly pay its employees at its distribution centers. More than 2,600 workers stand to benefit from the payout which the judge found to be fair and a good recovery considering the potential risk of going to trial. Each eligible employee, who worked at any of Walgreens’ distribution centers in California between November 6, 2014, and June 2, 2020,  who does not opt out will receive approximately $1,200.

The class action lawsuit, which was filed back in November of 2018, alleged that hourly workers for Walgreens in distribution centers in California had failed to receive pay for all of their hours worked.  The violations claimed included: (1) rounding down hours on employee timecards, (2) requiring employees to wait in line to complete security checks pre and post shift without pay, and (3) failing to pay premium wages to workers who were denied meal breaks. Additionally, the lawsuit included a claim to receive civil penalties under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) which is allowed in California based on Walgreens’ alleged violations of the labor law. 

The violations alleged in this matter unfortunately are extremely common in this industry. If you work in distribution centers or warehouses stocking items as an hourly worker, you may be owed wages. If you’ve noticed discrepancies in your paychecks compared to your hours worked, your employer may be shaving your hours worked. Additionally, if security checks are required at the company you work for, time you spend waiting on them may be compensable. Don’t leave hard earned money on the table. If you want some clarity on these potential issues with your pay, don’t hesitate to speak to an employment lawyer. Fitapelli and Schaffer, LLP offers free and confidential consultations. Call us now at (212) 300-0375 or visit our website for additional information.