Partners Joseph Fitapelli & Brian Schaffer Selected to Prestigious NY Super Lawyers List

Joseph Fitapelli and Brian Schaffer have been selected to this year’s NY Super Lawyers list yet again. Through their dedication and commitment to their hard-working clients, both founding partners have made the selective cut of being featured on this list. Each year, no more than five percent of the lawyers in the state are selected by the research team at Super Lawyers to receive this honor. Together, Mr. Fitapelli and Mr. Schaffer have helped recover well over 100 million dollars for their clients. The firm specializes exclusively on employee rights and has consistently achieved significant results when dealing with unpaid wages, overtime, commissions and tips, as well as wrongful termination due to discrimination and whistleblower claims. 

Mr. Fitapelli is dedicated to the litigation of large-scale class and collective actions for violations of employee and consumer rights. He is a seasoned attorney with extensive experience in state and federal court who has often served as lead or co-lead counsel in cases filed against some of the largest corporations in the world. 

Mr. Schaffer is also widely recognized as being among the top employment lawyers in the country. He is an aggressive litigator that handles class and collective actions for employees as well as consumers. He has been appointed class counsel on a number of high-profile cases, that frequently result in multimillion dollar settlements for the firm’s clients. 

Mr. Fitapelli and Mr. Schaffer are committed to ensuring employees are treated fairly through their practice and are honored to be featured in this year’s NY Super Lawyers list. Focused exclusively on protecting the rights of employees, both founding partners have built a reputation for championing wage-and-hour claims, including unpaid wages, overtime pay, and tips and commissions, as well as discrimination, wrongful termination and whistleblowermatters. From its base in New York City, the firm represents workers nationwide, and continues to do so amidst the pandemic. The firm’s proven ability to secure justice for wronged employees has helped land them to be selected to this prestigious list. To view Super Lawyer’s online publication, you can click here. Additionally, if you would like more information regarding Joseph Fitapelli and Brian Schaffer feel free to visit Fitapelli & Schaffer’s firm website here.