CR England to pay $18.6M to Drivers in Wage Deal

CR England, the nation’s largest refrigerated truck company, has agreed to pay its drivers $18.6 million to resolve claims of unpaid wages. A Utah federal judge approved the settlement last week which includes a pay out for almost 13,000 current and former drivers of the company. The result was deemed an appropriate end providing immediate and substantial benefits to its Class Members. Each of the 12,802 affected drivers will be receiving at least $1,300 after all of the approved deductions.     

The case, which was filed back in 2016, alleged that CR England failed to pay its drivers for non-driving work. Specifically, the claims alleged that they went unpaid for rest periods, such as meal and break times. Additionally, another major issue was that drivers attended the company’s driving school because they offered financing for their studies by handing out loans. However, once they secured employment through the company, CR England would withdraw loan payments from their paychecks at an extremely high interest rate. Drivers attended the school because it promised employment but did not expect to be taken advantage of with hidden high interest rates. Of the $18.6 million settlement, $15 million will be dedicated to debt forgiveness for those who took out loans.

As an employee, paychecks are extremely important documents that should be reviewed often. It includes vital information that will help indicate if you are getting paid properly, are owed money, or are getting charged or deducted for things you shouldn’t. Unfortunately, paychecks aren’t always intuitive and aren’t the easiest to decipher. If you have doubts about getting paid correctly or have concerns about your paycheck, reviewing your paystubs with an employment attorney can be very helpful. Our firm, Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP, offers a free and confidential phone consultation that will let you know if your claim is something we can assist with. Call us now at (212) 300-0375 to schedule your free consultation or visit or website here for additional helpful information.