ProPetro Sued for Unpaid Overtime

ProPetro, an oilfield services company that provides hydraulic fracturing and other complementary services to big name oil and gas companies, has recently been sued for failing to pay its hourly workers the correct rate for overtime pay. The lawsuit intends to represent hourly employees that were paid a per diem and who routinely worked over 40 hours per week within the last three years to try and recover wages under the Fair Labor Standard Act.

Hourly employees that may be affected include frac operators and other similarly situated workers who were paid an hourly rate plus a per diem amount. ProPetro failed to include all remuneration, such as the “per diem” pay, as required by the FLSA when calculating the workers’ regular rate of pay. This, in turn, resulted in hourly per diem employees not being paid all the overtime premium compensation owed. This lawsuit seeks to recover all damages available under the FLSA including back wages, liquidated damages, legal fees, costs, and post-judgment interest.

The oil and gas industry, like many other industries, unfortunately use many tactics to avoid paying their employees their rightfully owed wages. Not correctly calculating additional wages into their overtime pay rate is just one of them. If you or anyone you know has worked for ProPetro services in the last three years, they may be eligible to join this lawsuit to try to recover wages. Feel free to call us at (212) 300-0375 to speak to the attorney handling the matter or one of our available representatives if you have any additional concerns. You can also visit our website to learn more about our firm here.

You can also view the complaint here.