Chipotle Fast-Food Workers Sue for Fair Workweek Violations in NYC

Several Chipotle locations in the New York City have some explaining to do after employees filed claims with the city alleging the restaurant chain violated the Fair Workweek Law. This law, which went into effect in November of 2017 in New York City, requires employers to provide predictable schedules for quick service employees. More than 30 employees from five different chain locations in Brooklyn filed claims with the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings that Chipotle violated nearly aspect of the law.

Specifically, the complaint alleged that these Chipotle locations failed to provide written work schedules two weeks in advance, as well as days, times, hours and locations they were expected to work during their employment also known as “Good Faith Estimates”. Additionally, the chain failed to get written consents from employees that would allow the restaurant to change their schedules last minute as well as pay them premiums for these short notice schedule changes or if they were asked to work closing to opening shifts. They also failed to offer newly available shifts to current employees. Although Chipotle has been cooperating with the city to ensure they comply with the law and address any past noncompliance issues, they have denied the allegations.

Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP strongly supports NYC’s Fair Workweek Law and believes quick-service employees in low-wage industries deserve the right to a predictable work schedule. Avoiding volatile hours and incomes at work will significantly help relieve stress on working families. If you or anyone you know struggles with constantly changing work schedules in the restaurant or retail industry, have them call us for a free and confidential phone consultation at (212) 200-0375. An available representative will discuss your situation and help you determine if you may have a claim. You can also contact us and view additional information via our website.