Navigating Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace

In light of the recent outpouring of sexual harassment claims within the entertainment industry, many might be left wondering what steps can be taken if they have or are currently dealing with this kind of abuse in the workplace. When deciding whether or not to report the sexual harassment many may not feel safe reporting their claim. Your place of employment may have a human resources department which can address your complaints but many smaller companies may not. Either way, there are a few things that can be done to help protect your rights.

One of the first things you should consider doing is putting aside and not deleting any relevant communications with your abuser. Sometimes, your aggressor may send inappropriate messages via email or text, unknowingly giving you evidence of the harassment. Additionally, when deciding to come forward formally, it is advisable to do so in writing as opposed to just verbally. Whether you are reporting it to HR or going directly to your boss, email or submit your complaint in writing and keep a copy. This way there is some sort of log documenting your allegations and may come in handy if your company tries to retaliate against you in any way.

An additional measure that can be taken is approaching an employment law firm to represent you. There are federal and state laws that protect employee rights against sexual harassment that have occurred within the last few years. At Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP we take sexual harassment allegations very seriously. A free consultation with one of our attorneys may be able to give you some direction as to your options in your specific situation. We can be reached at (212) 300-0375 to schedule your consultation with one of our available attorneys. Additional information about our firm can be found on our web page.