Gender Pay Discrimination Lawsuit Settles Against ‘Fearless Girl’ Firm for $5M

It is funny to think that gender pay equality would ever be an issue for State Street Corporation, the company responsible for installing the ‘Fearless Girl” statue. The statue, which has quickly become an iconic symbol of female equality, is now a bit a sore spot for the company after having to settle a gender pay discrimination lawsuit for $5 million. The company was investigated by the Department of Labor (DOL) and the governments findings conclude that there was pay disparity dating back to at least December 2010.

The firm was accused of paying its female employees in top leadership roles less than their male counterparts. The DOL’s analysis also found that the company was paying some of its black executives less than white executives in similar positions. Even though State Street denies that there was any sort of gender pay discrimination and refutes the agency’s findings, they have agreed to pay the millions to all females and black executives who experienced this unfair treatment.

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