Discrimination Lawsuit Based On Gender Pay Equality Hits Google

Three former female employees of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, have filed a class action discrimination lawsuit in San Francisco. The lawsuit alleges that the tech giant discriminated against women in regards to their pay and promotions. Unfortunately for Google, the lawsuit hit shortly after an employee’s10-page manifesto went viral, which stated women employees were far less present within the company because of their inherent psychological differences than men, giving the lawsuit a platform to stand on.

According to the class action discrimination lawsuit, female employees were allegedly systematically compensated at a lower pay rate than their male counterparts performing similar job functions. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of all females employed by Google within the last four years. The lawsuit claims that Google promoted women more slowly or on a smaller scale than males capping their advancement opportunities within the company. The lawsuit seeks to recover damages and to help institute policies that would prevent Google from paying female employees less than males for comparable work in the future.

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