Disability Discrimination Verdict of 4.5 M Against Auto Dealer

An employee of Fields Motor cars of Florida, a Mercedes dealership, sued them for disability discrimination after they terminated him once he returned from a medical leave for his kidney cancer treatment. The 71 year old employee was cleared to return to work where he capable of completing all of his job duties but was instead terminated for failing to follow company policies over an incident that happened 10 years prior.

A federal jury in Florida recently reached a verdict in this case and awarded the ex-employee a total of $4.5 million under the Florida Civil Rights Act (FCRA). The majority of his compensation, $3,220,220, was given for punitive damages. Followed by $680,000 awarded for lost wages and benefits and $600,000 was given for emotional pain and suffering. His legal team was able to successfully prove that he was targeted for his disability and his termination was unjust.

Companies may not always complete thorough internal investigations prior to terminating employees that have complained of discrimination. It is often individuals with a protected status or disability who suffer the most in these situations. However, there are laws is in favor of employees affected by workplace discrimination.

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