Yankee Stadium Banquet Servers Lawsuit

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On November 15, 2012, Fitapelli & Schaffer filed a class and collective action lawsuit against Legends Hospitality, LLC and New York Yankees Partnership (collectively, “Yankees”).  The lawsuit alleges that Yankees led their customers to believe that the mandatory service charge during private catering events was a gratuity that would be distributed to the Banquet Servers.  However, the Yankees retained a portion of this gratuity/service charge.  Moreover, the Yankees failed to pay its Banquet Servers the proper minimum wage rate ($7.25 per hour), the correct overtime pay rate for over 40 hours per week ($10.88 per hour), spread-of-hours pay when they worked over 10 hours per day, and failed to reimburse them for uniform maintenance expenses.  We are seeking to represent all Banquet Servers employed by the Yankees since the new stadium opened.  Eligible employees should call us to join the case as soon as possible.