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Fitapelli & Schaffer filed a lawsuit today in Supreme Court Bronx County against the New York Yankees and Legends Hospitality for failing to pay proper wages and gratuities to in-seat servers.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf on 32 workers, many of which are current employees.  According to the lawsuit, the Yankees and Legends failed to pay the 20% service charge or administrative fee that was automatically added to the menu prices to in-seat servers.  For over two years, the menu even stated, “additional gratuity is at your discretion”, clearly leading customers to believe that the 20% service charge was a gratuity, which was intended for the servers.  As a result of a prior lawsuit, the Yankees removed this 20% charge for the 2012 baseball season.  Fitapelli & Schaffer has successfully represented hundreds of workers and has recovered millions of dollars in unpaid gratuities for hospitality employees.