Delivery Workers Cannot be Paid a Tip Credit says Connecticut Supreme Court

There has been an important development for tipped workers in the state of Connecticut. The Connecticut Supreme court has decided that delivery workers cannot be paid a tip credit instead of the full minimum wage rate. The norm had been that businesses like hotels and restaurants would pay its delivery workers the reduced minimum wage because they were earning tips, however, this recent decision points out that the law may have been misinterpreted all along. Delivery workers may have always ...

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Restaurant Worker Rights: Eliminating Tips Backfires

Is Eliminating Tips a Good Idea?

Last year, a restaurant owner in San Francisco, Thad Vogler, took the initiative to eliminate tipping in both of his restaurants in a search to increase restaurant worker rights. Such a move in the restaurant industry is expected to have a positive impact on its tipped workers as well as back of the house workers. With tips eliminated, wages were set increase to benefit its workers. This pay raise was made possible by ...

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Restaurants Are Eliminating Tipping

Joe’s Crab Shack has announced that they will be dropping tipping as a method of payment for all of its restaurants.  Employees of Joe’s Crab Shack will now be paid $14.00 per hour, but there is also the potential for pay to vary based on each particular employee’s past performance at the restaurant.  Joe’s Crab Shack’s parent corporation, Ignite Restaurant Group, first experimented with this policy at 18 of its locations, and will now be implementing it at all 113 ...

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