Your 401(k) Plan May be Set-up to Make You Lose Out

Saving for your future is what “they” tell you to do.  So when your place of employment sets you up in a retirement savings plan, the assumption is that the 401(k) plan is there to benefit you. However, lately, individuals at even the most prestigious companies have been finding out that may not be the case.  Insurance and investment companies as well as top notch universities are being accused of misleading their employees into investments as well as ...

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Notice Sent out Nationwide for Uncle Julio’s Class Action

In October 2015, Fitapelli & Schaffer, LLP along with Werman Salas P.C. filed a class action lawsuit against the Uncle Julio’s Corporation and Uncle Julio’s of Illinois, Inc. The lawsuit alleged that Uncle Julio’s Restaurants failed to pay tipped employees the proper minimum wage rates to which they were entitled. Recently, the Court approved that notice of lawsuit be sent out to over 5,000 tipped employees, including servers and bartenders nationwide who work or have worked at any of the ...

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Energy Corporation Settles FLSA Lawsuit for 4.95 M

An oil-field services company, SandRidge Energy Corp. has agreed to pay up to almost $5 million to settle an FLSA lawsuit alleging unpaid overtime and owed wages. Sixteen employees rallied together in a class action lawsuit filed back in July 2013. They believed the company was shortchanging them on their hours worked and ultimately did not pay them for their overtime hours allegedly violating provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Like many other workers in this industry ...

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