Transgender Employee Discriminated Against by Whole Foods

Having to deal with constant workplace harassment day in and day out, can be mentally and physically taxing to say the least. When starting out at any job, one always hopes for a pleasant and work conducive environment. When Victor Alexander King started working at Whole Foods, a leading gourmet supermarket nationally and internationally, he probably never believed he would have been discriminated and harassed so intensely due to being transgender. One of Whole Foods mission statements is ...

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Sara Lee Pays Up in Discrimination Lawsuit

Dealing with discrimination and harassment in the workplace can be very difficult. However, there has been a recent victory for those fighting against unjust working conditions in the form of a $4,000,000 settlement in a discrimination case against Sara Lee. African American workers of a Sara Lee factory in Paris, Texas rallied together and initiated a lawsuit against the company for what is now heralded a landmark racial discrimination case. The facility in question closed down in 2011 ...

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